About Company

Kazan Giproniiaviaprom is the corporate structure, including the chief institute, its branch network (in Moscow, Nijniy Novgorod, Kazan) and three affiliate companies, specialized in the concrete types of activity. Since the 2012 the institute, its branches and affiliate companies has been performing the full cycle of works on the upgrading of the resource base of the enterprises of aircraft industry, instrumentation manufacturing and radio electronics. The Investment and construction branch exercises the functions of the technical client and the general contractor. The LLC «Engineering company «Kazan Giproniiaviaprom» supplies the process and the engineering equipment . The LLC «Service center «Kazan Giproniiaviaprom» was created to perform the installation, the start-up and commissioning, and after-sales servicing of the equipment .
The institute is the leading design-builder of the military-industrial complex of Russian Federation. It designs the industrial enterprises and civil facilities, develops the historical and cultural monuments refurbishment and renovation projects, performs the engineering surveys, the construction supervision, exercises the functions of the technical client and the general contractor, supplies the process equipment.
Kazan Giproniiaviaprom has the operational experience with the projects in North Korea, Iraq, India, Iran, Yugoslavia, Venezuela. The common projects were developed together with the designers from Italy, Finland, Montenegro, France, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Sweden.
The institute has the work permits for all kinds of the work on the design documentation development and the engineering survey, including for the high consequence, technically complex and unique facilities, and has the right to exercise the functions of the general designer (without contract value limit), of the technical client, the general contractor, including for the high consequence and technically complex facilities. The quality management system against the requirements of the GOST ISО 9001 – 2011 (ISO 9001:2008) functions and is certified in the institute.
The title “Conscientious supplier of the year” (2008 – 2012) was awarded to the institute for the financial stability, the careful and secured performance of contracts .
The CJSC «Kazan Giproniiaviaprom» is the winner of the VII, VIII, IX all-Russian competitions for the best design and survey organization, and the company of similar profile and was awarded for the high efficiency performance results achieved by the company in the modern economic conditions ( I degree certificate 2010 and 2011, II degree certificate 2012).
According to the results of participation in the International competition of the Intergovernmental council for building activities cooperation of the members of the Commonwealth of Independent States for the best construction and design company, the enterprise of the building materials and construction industry the Institute was awarded with the winner’s certificates of the “International building Olympus” in 2011 and 2012.
The winner’s certificate “Construction industry elite 2013″ in the nomination “Complex design of the enterprises of the different industry branches, the hazardous production facilities and civil facilities” was awarded to the institute according to the rating of the magazine “StroyExpertize”.
For the period of 2010-2013 the CJSC “Kazan Giproniiaviaprom” has developed 695 projects for the total investment 681 billion rubles.

General director Tihomirov B.I.